BL2S1 - Single crystal X-ray Diffraction (Under construction)


BL2S1 is designed for a single crystal X-ray diffraction measurement for protein crystal structure analysis (Structural biology) and structural determination of functional organic materials with large 2D detectors.


Structural biology, Organic chemistry

Beamline specifiction (calculated)

7 - 17 keV (0.18 - 0.07 nm)
Beam size
0.08 mm×0.19 mm
Resolution (E/ΔE)
> 2000 @ 12keV
Photon flux (Total)
1 x 1011 Photons/sec


Single crystal X-ray diffractmator is set up on a 2θ optical bench. Working range of 2θ is from 12.5 to 33.5 degree. A goniometer for mounting sample crystals has a high precision, high speed rotation axis with XYZ stages. A conventional sample pin for cryogenic condition with magnetic base can be mounted on the fore-end of the goniometer. Camera length (sample:detector length) could vary from 90 - 340 mm. Two large 2D detector, ADSC Q315r and PILATUS 1M, and cryocooler system are available.

Optics and measurement system

Beamline optics
Measurement system (captions in Japanese)

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